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ESS - Going Live with APIs

The hard work is done, you have an application that uses either One Roster or RAP APIs or perhaps a combination of them all and have a first live school in mind.

A portal based system is being developed to allow you to 'go live' with your completed integrations until then please email partner support and tell us. 

You will need to provide: a number of things:

  1. The name of your product.
  2. A short description of the product
  3. A long Product description that may include a  link to marketing details for your product
  4. A GDPR DPIA for your product (a link to your published one)
  5. A Privacy Statement for your product (a link your published one)
  6. A link which details how your customers will obtain support from you for the product.
  7. A 128x128 bitmap logo for your app 'tile'.
  8. Hex code for the tile colour
  9. Hex code for the text colour


We will assume that your application needs one set of client credentials per school unless an alternative model has been agreed (e.g. OpenID Connect and Hybrid Flow login).


ESS provide you with access to SIMS ID in order to create an 'Application tile'  for your application that can later be made available to schools.

SIMS ID School administrator (or their agent) will choose the Application tile and accept the terms, this will enable their site to be mapped to your application.

  • The system will issue Appropriate Keys and Secrets for that school to you or to the school data to flow to your application
  • Optionally you will be able to to confirm supply to that school.
    • The integrator will consider whether to accept the request and do any work required at their end. (Possible delay)
    • The integrator will confirm supply to that school. 

Once all this is complete, the school can use the integrator's product. The School, the integrator and ESS can revoke access at any time upon request from the vendor or the school.