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SIMS 7/8 Advisory - Change to exclusions: Autumn 2020 Census

Last Updated: 14/02/2020

The DfE have changed the way that exclusions are classified and require for the Autumn Census 2020 that up to 3 reasons can be given for exclusions rather than just 1 at present.

Colleagues have yet to decide how this will be implemented and this would dictate whether there is a technical code break. 

Impact on Write Back Applications

Any technical integrator writing back exclusions would need to change their application to support multiple reasons for exclusion so that they can be posted back to SIMS. 

Impact on Read Only Applications

TI applications's displaying exclusions would only show partial information unless they are modified to collect / display the additional data.

ESS may not be able to provide a full 6 month notice period because of the need to meet Autumn 2020 Census Requirements.

Next steps:

  • ESS will review how this change should be made internally.
  • Technical Integrators should consider whether they will be impacted by the change.
  • ESS will update this advice by 28/02/2020 in line with decisions above.
  • ESS will endeavour to provide access to an early beta release of SIMS 7 to enable TI testing.