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FMS eProcurement Invoice Import - Autumn 21 FMS

Update 20/12/21: Work is in progress and we are looking to test this with one of the schools reporting the issue.  Unfortunately most schools appear to be on their festive break. 


In our FMS 2021 release, changes were made to support long invoice numbers from suppliers such as Amazon.  This was done in such a way so as to 'add' a long invoice number field and in theory reducing the impact on other parts of the system such as eProcurement.

Unfortunately, part of the change refactored the parameters of a stored procedure which eProc uses to import invoices and credit notes. As a result of this, a Type Mismatch: Cannot convert Varchar to Int error will appear when invoices are imported.

ESS Response

Colleagues understand the cause of problem and the fix requires a front end change.

Colleagues are working to code the change. Once this is complete, we will need to create an FMS workstation patch.

We expect to test this including an early deployment to one or more of the impacted sites but timing will be hampered by Christmas closures,

We will advise when this is ready.


Once the fix is applied, re-running the eProc import should pick up the invoices and process them.

Entering the invoices by hand is likely to leave the documents in an error state.

Fortunately normal Christmas closures will provide a Window to code the changes before schools return.