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SIMS Pay - New name and owner

SIMS Pay (SP) was retained by Capita Pay 360 when we separated on 1/2/2021.  As a result of this we will be rebranding the product with Pay 360.  As part of the transitional arrangements, ESS will contain to maintain the product on behalf of Pay 360 until mid 2022.

The new name for the product is Pay 360 Education Payments (EP) and this will be reflected in product branding, name changes to email domains, marketing material and alike. Communications will be sent to LAs, Schools, MATs, Groups in July 2021 confirming these changes and the impacts upon customers at all levels.  These changes are largely informational but small configuration changes will be needed at all levels. 

In the short term, there is no change for technical integrators offering cashless catering (CC) integration with SP/EP, URLs remain the same and your support channels are unchanged.

In the medium term (Summer 21), we will advise CCs of new URLS for their back end services based on the EP name rather than the SP name.  Once these are published we will give 6 months notice to CCs that they will need to change their URL (nothing more) and the URLS will be run in parallel during that time allowing CCs to update at any time within the notice period. At the end of the notice period, the URL redirect will be withdrawn and would break CC integrations unless the change is made by the CC provider.  During this period support channels for CCs remain unchanged until the event below.

Within the next 12 months, we will be working with Pay 360 to split the support for CCs:  

  • Date TBA 
  • The TI agreement and support for SIMS will remain unchanged. 
  • The portion of the TI agreement which refers to SP/EP will cease from ESS. (Currently this does not attract a further cost to TIs).
  • :Pay 360 will offer an alternative TI service:
    • ESS will introduce CCs to Pay 360 to facilitate the transition.
    • Pay 360 to decide on the structure, SLA, costs and services which they will offer. 
  • On the change over, ESS Partner Support will redirect calls or advise CCs to redirect their call to Pay 360 as appropriate.

Post the transitional arrangements, it will be wholly for Capita Pay 360 to decide on the future of their EP product and CCs should make any recommendations for change directly to the Capita Pay 360 product owner when published along side the above.