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SIMS 8 - V3 - API - Admissions breaking change advice (Updated 29/4)

7/4/22: SIMS 8 APIs are no longer supported and have been replaced by DeX APIs.


Due to an implementation error, one of our teams has mistakenly named:


We intend to fix the error by 14/05/2020 by replacing ApplicantPersonals with Applicants.  I am unaware of any partner using the V3 APIs for Admissions and do not expect that it will cause any genuine issues. 


The change has completed coding but missed the release cut off.  It will be included in the next release in / around 14th May.

In addition the name space will change to ESS in preparation for joint work with our F & HE colleagues.  This changes the change tracking calls to ESSChanges in place of SIMSChanges.