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SIMS Attendance Code Changes (DfE)

We will be changing the description of the X code for statutory attendance to reflect government guidance released on 21/Sept.

The government has changed the law regarding attendance codes for DfE schools so that attendance code ‘X’ can now be used for not being required to attend school for certain COVID-19 related reasons.  The change in the law took place a few weeks ago and on Monday the DfE changed its CBDS in line with this.  We have already had feedback from customers that our current description does not reflect the statute or CBDS, so we are obliged to change the description as soon as we possible can.  Fortunately, the change needed is nothing more that a change to the description of attendance code ‘X’ and it is completely up to schools to decide how and when they will make use of it for COVID-19 related reasons.

As ever, the CBDS description for code X is now for too long for the space we have available (see graphic 1 below), but we can abbreviate this (see graphic 2 below).

Graphic 1

Attendance code X description change

Graphic 2

SIMS Attendance X Code change

We do not believe that this will impact on technical integrators but include the update for completeness.