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SIMS 8 - January 2021 API Refresh

We are pleased to advise that we have released a number of new APIs for TI use.

Attendance V3 Service

This is now available for live usage.  Changes to the service from the Beta and earlier versions are detailed for TIs and require changes to formats / names of lookups should be noted.

Update to Pastoral Group Service

This service now adds:

  • Group Definitions
  • Group Memberships (including dated memberships)

The documentation has been updated.

Formal Documentation

This change is as a consequence of the need for a clean up and the confusion caused by a mixed list of APIs for our Power BI connector and TI APIs.

Click on Product:  You are offered two choices:

Click on the 3rd Party APIs to access formal documentation.  The list now includes only the TI APIs.

Schools Service V3 - Deprecation as of 1/9/2021

Please note that this information domain is obsolete and will be deprecated as of 1/9/2021.  Please use EducationalEstablishment which already contains Rooms which is the only remaining sub domain in schools.


Next Release Plans 

School Events (Target - Feb 21)

There is a need to replace some V2 APIs to enable access to:

  • Academic Years
  • Term Dates
  • Holidays
  • Public Holidays
  • Exceptional Circumstances.

These are under school in the V1/V2 interfaces but will be in a new SchoolEvents (subject to confirmation of name) Service. 

Conduct Service (Read) (Target - Feb 21)

  • Behaviour
  • Achievement
  • Exclusions

Missed the current release due to missing formal documentation.  We expect to include this in the above release.

Staff (Additional Reads - ETA Q1-2021)

Staff StaffContactDetails READ
Staff StaffDietarys READ
Staff StaffRelationships READ

These have been requested and are on the backlog for Q1 but will likely miss a February refresh.