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Proposed SIMS Pay Balance API

Proposed SIMS Pay Balance API

SIMS Pay has proposed the creation of a new API, for checking balance information between a caterer's system and SIMS pay.

The new API, School Meals Statement API would contain two methods: GetFull and GetMostRecent

Both would use a schema such as the one below:


<SchoolMealsStatement personExternalId="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" openingBalance="" currentBalance="">


                                <!-- source would be Caterer or SIMS Pay -->

                                <!-- type would be Adjustment, Payment or Meal Charge -->

                                <Transaction externalId="" source="" type="" date="" amount="" />       




GetFull would return ALL the transactions.

GetMostRecent would return ONLY the most recent transaction for each source & type combination if it exists, i.e. Caterer Adjustment, Caterer Payment, Caterer Meal Charge, SIMS Pay Adjustment & SIMS Pay Payment

The most recent record will be that which was last inserted into the SIMS Pay database.

Provided the external Id of the most recent transactions match those in the caterer's system then the expectation would be that the balances would also match. If these do not match the GetFull would allow for investigation into what transactions are missing or incorrect.

If you would like to help direct the development of this API please email Partner Support before the 15th December.