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SIMS 7/ FMS6 - Spring 2020 changes that may impact Partners

The following changes are being considered for the Spring 2020 release of SIMS 7 and are thought to be of possible interest to partners.

SIMS Student Import

New functionality is intended to import:

  • Import university destinations (After leaving)
  • Import student phone numbers (Anytime)
  • Import student emails (Anytime)

Matches on Forename,Surname,Gender and DOB via interface.

Format TBC.


Split of Income I08 -> I08A and IO8B is likely to impact of budget import in to FMS.

Exports of HR Data via SIMS 7 API.

Changes to NI may impact the calculations for under 25s.

PLP for Northern Irelans SEN

Work is progressing adding functionality to support PLP. 

FSM Export from SIMS Dinner Money to SIMS Pay

The Welsh FMS / Universal Credit Transitional Protection issue advised to partner's earlier in the year is being addressed for Dinner Money.  We will check to ensure that exports from existing APIs are unaffected.

Course Manager

New T-Level support

Support for Partners

Please contact partner support if further information is required on any of the above.  Please note that plans may change for operational reasons.