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SIMS 8 - New Attendance Codes - release

4th May 2021

The release of the above date is currently deploying and will add a number of new COVID 19 attendance subcodes. These are available in the edit mark routines but should appear simply as additional attendance codes from the perspective of the APIs.

            "@odata.type": "#ESS.Attendance.AttendanceCode",
            "ExternalID": "4c901fc4-feac-eb11-80fd-000d3a272670",
            "LookupType": "AttendanceCode",
            "Code": "X01",
            "Description": "Non compulsory school age",
            "DisplayOrder": 34,
            "IsVisible": true,
            "ResourceProvider": null,
            "StatutoryAttendanceCode": {
                "ExternalID": "680806eb-d6ca-433a-8cf2-64474c98e062",
                "Type": "Attendance.Lookup.StatutoryAttendanceCode"

The most impactful feature is the length of the code, clearly 3 characters in to one requires some coercion but there are no mappings at present to the LA code ('+') in this case within the APIs.

  "Attendee" : {
"Event" : {

  "AttendanceCode" : {
  "Qualifier" : {

Write back is not impacted by the change and not technically is read.  However the mapping simply goes to a 3 character code.

Please note that sub codes work differently in SIMS 7 and SIMS 8.


Code: X Subcode: X01 (different property)


Code: X01 (no Subcode property)

In SIMS 7 there is scheduled work to add the LA attendance mappings e.g. X01 -> '+' as additional properties on one of the API calls - details to follow.  In SIMS 8, there is not LA mapping lookup.