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Formal Notice of Deprecation SIMS 8 V1/V2 APIs

7/4/22: SIMS 8 APIs are no longer supported and have been replaced by DeX APIs

Version 3 of our SIMS Primary  / SIMS 8 APIs have been available since March 2020 and will be augmented with further endpoints over time.  We have also added end of life notices to the v1/v2 documentation in anticipation of this notice in a similar time frame.

This is formal notice that we plan to deprecate the v1/v2 endpoints from 09/04/2021(*).  Should all consumers of these endpoints migrate to the replacement endpoints removal of the v1/v2 endpoints maybe sooner.   

Technical integrators with live SIMS Primary sites that use the v1/v2 endpoints will be offered support to adopt the V3 endpoints.  Until the depreciation date, we will assist TIs with existing live v1/v2 onboard additional schools as necessary. 

We will not, however, support new integrations to the v1/v2 endpoints. 

We welcome requests from technical integrators for assistance with integrating with our new V3 APIs.  


(*) Communications to partners were sent on 8th October 2020 and it listed 1st Apr as the deprecation day.  In line with a six month commitment this will be extended to 9th April should this be required by TIs.