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Advice for Suppliers to ESS

The following email is genuine and has been sent to ESS Suppliers. If integrators supply services / goods to ESS then please respond.

Dear Supplier,


ESS is updating its systems to improve how we work with our suppliers. We are moving to SAP Ariba and require your up to date details, so we can invite you to the Ariba Network.


If we do not receive a response we will be unable to onboard you to the Ariba network which may impact our ability to trade with your company in the future.


Please click on the link below to provide us with an email address for receipt of purchase orders (PO’s), primary contact name, telephone number and if applicable, your Ariba Network number. There are only six (6) questions to answer and it will take very little time to complete.

Click to respond

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We greatly appreciate your help,


Kind regards

<Electronic Signature>

John Cromack  

Chief Procurement Officer