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Reference Section: Links to Sample code (July 22)

The purpose of this page is to list all of our sample code available to TIs.    Updated 28/7/22

ESS Ltd retain copyright of code samples provided but expressly grant the rights to use the code to all currently contracted technical integrators.

All code samples are provided as is and without warranty - Suitably contracted Technical Integrators are welcome to request support for coding examples under their support agreements.

From Summer 22, all of our software will be based on Framework 4.7.2 or later.


  • Eprocurement Test Harness - Dev version on 4.72 of .Net Framework to address SSL issues. Updated Feb 23. [Framework and FMS Dll changed]


  • Sample code which calls third party APIs for attendance but the principles can be extended to cover other areas.
  • Sample code which calls third party assessment read.
  • Sample code for the cover area of SIMS 7.
  • Sample code for command reporter.
  • Sample code for applications and model classes for parts of the applications system
  • Sample code for fees payment import and balance/transaction export

RAP / One Roster

  • Sample code showing Vendor Management and One Roster calls.
  • Sample code including the above and additional RAP sample calls.

Please note that all sample applications need to be unzipped and placed in a folder to enable visual studio to use them.  

Please note that sample code is provided for contracted TIs for commercial use and potential TIs for proof of concept.  All usage is subject to fair use policy.