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FMS - Using eProc

eGov 3.09 is a UK Government / BASDA standard.  FMS consumes that standard to:

  • Import baskets (or content orders)
  • Post orders
  • Import Invoices
  • Import Credit Notes

from suppliers who chose to implement the eGov 3.09 standard.  The standard is intended to be as simple as possible for suppliers to implement in that the shopping experience is exactly the same in the web site until the point of check out.

Sweet shop

The customer's basket is then 'saved' against that school (customer) and made available for download when FMS connects from the school.

Along with baskets (AKA Content Order) it also downloads invoices and credit notes which are an optional feature of eGov 3.09.

Focus | Accounts Payable | Import Orders/Invoices/Credit Notes

Import Orders

In order to find any of these, suppliers need to be set up as eProc providers

Tools | eProcurement Setup

eProcurement Setup

Each provider (Web Service) will have a web service that implements a standard called eGov / BASDA 3.09.  This is a SOAP interface.

A Web Service is set up with the information below:

Set up web service

The supplier will provide the URL required.

The supplier needs to be created

Supplier set up

 However, the supplier needs to be created with an order method of print and then saved.

Once the supplier exists, the eproc setup screen can then add the supplier.

Add supplier to eProc service

Once this has been added, the supplier can be set to eProc

Edit supplier to make them an eProc provider

Once this is saved, the eProc will process the supplier when requested.


There can be as many eProc suppliers as they want.  It will then process each supplier in turn.