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Cumbria LA - LA Number changes

Cumbria LA - LA Number changes

Updated: 27/1/23 - 11:00

This page will be updated as and when the partner team has further information regarding the split of Cumbria into two unitary authorities. 

Cumbria is being broken up in to 2 new authorities from 1st April 2023.

  • Out: 909 Cumbria
  • In: 942 Cumberland
  • In: 943 Westmorland and Furness

The changes could have an impact on your integration to SIMS depending on how you access and process data.

Guidance for Technical Integrators .

ESS is working to support the new authorities in changing the relevant records in SIMS.  This will result in the local authority number / school number being changed to the new values.  This will impact your integration if your product relies upon the local authority number / school number remaining constant.

This change will take effect on Saturday 1st April is a Saturday, this coincides with the first weekend  of the 2-week Easter break for most schools.  ESS are aware this may cause issues for integrators updating their applications during that time.   ESS is investigating options to bring forward or delay the change to the records to increase the likelihood that school staff will be available to assist Tis in updating their products. This is however, not fully in ESS control and needs the agreement of the two new unitary authorities and the schools.

At this time, we do not have a full list of which schools will be in which new Authority that can be shared. 

The work Tis will need to undertake is similar to the changes required when Northamptonshire re-organised in 2021 and previously the reorganisation within Dorset in 2019.

Please contact the Partner Support Team  if further help is needed.

Photographers (25/1/23)

Photo import licences are tied to an LA / School Number.  We are looking into how we can replace licences for Cumbrian schools where appropriate.  If photographers need a licence re-issued for Cumbrian schools then please contact us.  The most likely scenario that will be missed is where a photographer asked for a licence in January/Feb based on the Cumbria LA number(903 LA set) for a booking/photo return after Easter where either a Cumbrian or Westmorland and Furness number is required (942/943 respectively). 

Please contact us if further help is needed. 

List of Schools

DfE Number School/Establishment Post Code New LA Number
3102 All Saints' CofE School CA13 9BH  
3125 Allithwaite CofE School LA11 7RD  
2001 Allonby Primary School CA15 6QG  
2004 Alston Primary School CA9 3UF  
2003 Ambleside CofE Primary School LA22 9DH  
5407 Appleby Grammar School CA16 6XU  
5206 Appleby Primary School CA16 6TX  
2200 Arlecdon Primary School CA26 3XA  
2005 Armathwaite School CA4 9PW  
3352 Arnside National CofE School LA5 0DW  
3061 Asby Endowed School CA16 6EX  
2147 Ashfield Infant School CA14 3JG  
2148 Ashfield Junior School CA14 4ES  
5207 Askam Village School LA16 7DA  
2704 Barrow Island Community Primary School LA14 2SJ  
2100 Bassenthwaite School CA12 4QH  
4001 Beacon Hill Community School CA7 3EZ  
5221 Beaconside CofE Primary School CA11 8EN  
3500 Beckermet CofE School CA21 2YD  
3662 Beckstone Primary School CA14 5PX  
3354 Beetham CofE Primary School LA7 7AS  
2622 Belle Vue Primary School CA2 7PT  
2008 Bewcastle School CA6 6PF  
2721 Bishop Harvey Goodwin School, The CA2 4HG  
2220 Black Combe Junior School LA18 5DT  
3301 Blackford CofE Primary School CA6 4ES  
2010 Blennerhasset School CA7 3RL  
2301 Bolton Primary School CA16 6AW  
3002 Boltons CofE School CA7 8PA  
2207 Bookwell Primary School CA22 2LT  
3401 Borrowdale CofE Primary School CA12 5XG  
5212 Bowness-on-Solway Primary School CA7 5AF  
3402 Braithwaite CofE VA Primary School CA12 5TD  
5203 Brampton Primary School CA8 1BZ  
2228 Bransty Primary School CA28 6EG  
3100 Bridekirk Dovenby CofE Primary School CA13 0PG  
2502 Brisbane Park Infant School LA14 1NY  
2626 Brook Street Primary School CA1 2JB  
2302 Brough Community Primary School CA17 4EW  
3132 Broughton CofE School LA20 6BJ  
2103 Broughton Moor Primary School CA15 7RZ  
5205 Broughton Primary School CA13 0YT  
2045 Brunswick School CA11 7LX  
2014 Burgh-by-Sands Primary School CA5 6AP  
3124 Burlington CofE School LA17 7UH  
3052 Burton Morewood CofE Primary School LA6 1ND  
2022 Caldew Lea School CA2 7BE  
5413 Caldew School CA5 7NN  
3304 Calthwaite CofE School CA11 9QT  
2002 Cambridge Primary School LA13 9RP  
3200 Captain Shaw's CofE School LA19 5TG  
3126 Cartmel CofE Primary School LA11 6PR  
5410 Cartmel Priory CofE School LA11 7SA  
5220 Castle Carrock School CA8 9LU  
2320 Castle Park School LA9 6BJ  
6906 Central Academy CA1 1LY  
2403 Chapel Street Infants and Nursery School LA15 8RX  
6025 Chetwynde School LA13 0NY  
3557 Church Walk CofE Primary School LA12 7EN  
1001 Cleator Moor Nursery School CA25 5LW  
2305 Clifton School CA10 2EG  
4103 Cockermouth School CA13 9HF  
3122 Coniston CofE Primary School LA21 8AL  
2413 Croftlands Infant and Nursery School LA12 9JU  
2414 Croftlands Junior School LA12 9JU  
3356 Crosby Ravensworth CofE School CA10 3JJ  
5223 Crosby-on-Eden CofE School CA6 4QN  
3103 Crosscanonby St John's CofE School CA15 6RX  
3357 Crosscrake CofE Primary School LA8 0LB  
3358 Crosthwaite CofE School LA8 8HT  
3305 Culgaith CofE School CA10 1QL  
7003 Cumbria Academy for Autism CA14 4SS  
2019 Cummersdale School CA2 6BD  
2020 Cumwhinton School CA4 8DU  
5405 Dallam School LA7 7DD  
5210 Dalton St Mary's CofE Primary School LA15 8QR  
2521 Dane Ghyll Community Primary School LA14 4PG  
3452 Dean Barwick Primary School LA11 6RS  
2021 Dean CofE School CA14 4TH  
3450 Dean Gibson Catholic Primary School LA9 5HB  
5211 Dearham Primary School CA15 7HR  
3381 Dent CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School LA10 5QJ  
2707 Derwent Vale Primary School and Nursery CA14 1WA  
2718 Distington Community School CA14 5TE  
4150 Dowdales School LA15 8AH  
5209 Eaglesfield Paddle CofE Primary Academy CA13 0QY  
2124 Ellenborough Academy CA15 7NE  
4002 Energy Coast UTC CA14 4JW  
3204 Ennerdale and Kinniside CofE Primary School CA23 3AR  
2126 Ewanrigg Junior School CA15 8HN  
2107 Fairfield Primary School CA13 0DX  
2706 Fellview Primary School CA7 8HF  
5218 Fir Ends Primary School CA6 6AY  
5219 Flimby Primary School CA15 8PJ  
5208 Flookburgh CofE Primary School LA11 7LE  
2211 Frizington Community Primary School CA26 3PF  
1003 Frizington Nursery School CA26 3PF  
6908 Furness Academy LA13 9BB  
7001 George Hastwell School LA14 3LW  
2701 George Romney Junior School LA15 8SE  
2318 Ghyllside Primary School LA9 4JB  
1100 Gillford Centre PRU CA2 4JE  
5216 Gilsland CofE Primary School CA8 7AA  
2322 Goodly Dale Community Primary School LA23 2JX  
3206 Gosforth CofE School CA20 1AZ  
3123 Grange CofE Primary School LA11 7JF  
3360 Grasmere CofE Primary School LA22 9SJ  
2117 Grasslot Infant School CA15 8BT  
3361 Grayrigg CofE School LA8 9BU  
2026 Great Corby Primary School CA4 8NE  
2027 Great Orton Primary School CA5 6NA  
2509 Greengate Junior School LA14 1BG  
2028 Greystoke School CA11 0TP  
5215 Hallbankgate Village School CA8 2NJ  
2212 Haverigg Primary School LA18 4HA  
2407 Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary School LA22 0NT  
5200 Hayton CofE Primary School CA8 9HR  
2024 Hensingham Primary School CA28 8QZ  
2321 Heron Hill Primary School LA9 7JH  
3013 High Hesket CofE School CA4 0HU  
1011 Hindpool Nursery School LA14 5TS  
3014 Holm Cultram Abbey CofE School CA7 4RU  
2308 Holme Community School LA6 1QA  
2032 Holme St Cuthbert School CA15 6QZ  
3607 Holy Family Catholic Primary School LA13 9LR  
3015 Houghton CofE School CA3 0PA  
2607 Inglewood Infant School CA1 3LX  
2606 Inglewood Junior School CA1 3QA  
3017 Ireby CofE School CA7 1DS  
5213 Ireleth St Peter's CofE Primary School LA16 7EY  
2033 Irthington Village School CA6 4NJ  
3309 Ivegill CofE School CA4 0PA  
7022 James Rennie School CA3 0BX  
2237 Jericho School CA28 6UX  
4151 John Ruskin School LA21 8EW  
2230 Kells Infant School CA28 9PQ  
1005 Kendal Nursery School LA9 4PH  
5414 Keswick School CA12 5QB  
2623 Kingmoor Junior School CA3 0DU  
2625 Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School CA3 0ES  
3018 Kirkbampton CofE School CA5 6HX  
5400 Kirkbie Kendal School LA9 7EQ  
2035 Kirkbride Primary School CA7 5JR  
5406 Kirkby Stephen Grammar School CA17 4HA  
2310 Kirkby Stephen Primary School CA17 4AE  
2311 Kirkby Thore School CA10 1UU  
2030 Kirkland Church of England Academy CA26 3XU  
3019 Kirkoswald CofE School CA10 1EN  
4056 Lakes School, The LA23 1HW  
3020 Lanercost CofE School CA8 2HL  
3362 Langdale CofE School LA22 9JE  
3021 Langwathby CofE Primary School CA10 1ND  
3310 Lazonby CofE School CA10 1BL  
3550 Leven Valley CofE Primary School LA12 8QF  
3054 Levens CofE School LA8 8PU  
2404 Lindal and Marton Primary School LA12 0NB  
3130 Lindale CofE Primary School LA11 6LE  
2313 Long Marton Community Primary School CA16 6BT  
2007 Longtown Primary School CA6 5UG  
2123 Lorton School CA13 9UL  
3212 Low Furness CofE Primary School LA12 0TA  
2216 Lowca Community School CA28 6QS  
3451 Lowther Endowed School CA10 2HT  
3112 Maryport CofE Primary School CA15 6JN  
7002 Mayfield School CA28 8UG  
2314 Milburn School CA10 1TN  
2219 Millom Infant School LA18 4LP  
4204 Millom School LA18 5AB  
2315 Milnthorpe Primary School LA7 7QF  
2231 Monkwray Junior School CA28 9DT  
2716 Montreal CofE Primary School CA25 5LW  
2222 Moor Row Community Primary School CA24 3JW  
2223 Moresby Primary School CA28 8UX  
3368 Morland Area CofE Primary School CA10 3AT  
6905 Morton Academy CA2 6LB  
4501 Nelson Thomlinson School, The CA7 9PX  
2040 Nenthead Primary School CA9 3LS  
4104 Netherhall School CA15 6NT  
2127 Netherton Infant School CA15 7LT  
2712 Newbarns Primary and Nursery School LA13 9ET  
1105 Newbridge House PRU LA13 9HU  
2620 Newlaithes Infant School CA2 6DX  
2618 Newlaithes Junior School CA2 6DX  
4630 Newman Catholic School CA2 4NL  
2406 Newton Village Academy LA13 0LT  
2025 Newtown Primary School CA2 7LW  
2609 Norman Street Primary School CA1 2BQ  
2046 North Lakes School CA11 8NU  
2708 North Walney Primary, Nursery and Pre-School LA14 3TN  
2009 Northside Primary School CA14 1BD  
3056 Old Hutton CofE School LA8 0NQ  
2714 Orgill Primary School CA22 2HH  
2715 Ormsgill Nursery and Primary School LA14 4AR  
5217 Orton CofE School CA10 3RG  
5226 Oughterside Primary School CA7 2PY  
3410 Our Lady and St Patrick's Catholic Primary School CA15 8HN  
3551 Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School LA15 8JH  
1002 Park View Nursery School LA18 4LE  
2508 Parkside Academy LA13 9BY  
3372 Patterdale CofE School CA11 0NL  
2713 Pennine Way Primary School CA1 3SN  
3128 Pennington CofE School LA12 0RR  
3556 Penny Bridge CofE School LA12 7RQ  
5225 Penruddock Primary School CA11 0QU  
2610 Petteril Bank School CA1 3BX  
3114 Plumbland CofE School CA7 2DQ  
2054 Plumpton School CA11 9PA  
5401 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School CA11 7EG  
5411 Queen Elizabeth School LA6 2HJ  
4013 Queen Elizabeth Studio School LA6 2HJ  
5404 Queen Katherine School, The LA9 6PJ  
2512 Ramsden Infant School LA14 1AN  
3030 Raughton Head CofE School CA5 7DD  
2071 Richmond Hill School CA7 3BQ  
2710 Robert Ferguson Primary School CA2 5LA  
3031 Rockcliffe CofE School CA6 4AA  
2511 Roose School LA13 0HF  
3316 Rosley CofE School CA7 8AU  
3602 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School LA14 2BA  
4011 Samuel King's School CA9 3QU  
7006 Sandgate School LA9 6JG  
7013 Sandside Lodge School LA12 0DZ  
5201 Scotby CofE Primary School CA4 8AT  
2224 Seascale Primary School CA20 1LZ  
2130 Seaton Academy CA14 1NP  
3116 Seaton St Paul's CofE Junior School CA14 1HA  
2700 Sedbergh Primary School LA10 5AL  
3373 Selside Endowed CofE Primary School LA8 9LB  
4060 Settlebeck School LA10 5AL  
3032 Shankhill CofE Primary School CA6 6JA  
3374 Shap Endowed CofE Primary School CA10 3NL  
2703 Silloth Primary School CA7 4DR  
2627 Sir John Barrow School LA12 0BD  
2058 Skelton School CA11 9SE  
4008 Solway Community School CA7 4DD  
2518 South Walney Infant and Nursery School LA14 3BZ  
2515 South Walney Junior School LA14 3EG  
3652 St Bede's Catholic Primary School CA2 7DS  
2225 St Bees Village Primary School CA27 0AA  
3508 St Bega's CofE Primary School CA19 1TW  
3520 St Begh's Catholic Junior School CA28 7TE  
4622 St Benedict's Catholic High School CA28 8UG  
4634 St Bernard's Catholic High School LA13 9LE  
3506 St Bridget's Catholic Primary School CA22 2BD  
3101 St Bridget's CofE School - Cockermouth CA13 0TU  
3209 St Bridget's CofE School - Whitehaven CA28 6NY  
3315 St Catherine's Catholic Primary School CA11 9EL  
3603 St Columba's Catholic Primary School LA14 3AD  
3653 St Cuthbert's Catholic Community School CA1 2UE  
3328 St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School - Wigton CA7 9HZ  
3453 St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School - Windermere LA23 2DD  
3150 St George's CofE School LA14 2JN  
3521 St Gregory and St Patrick's Catholic Community Sch CA28 8AJ  
3415 St Gregory's Catholic Primary School CA14 3PD  
3663 St Herbert's CofE (VA) Primary and Nursery School CA12 4HZ  
3514 St James' Catholic Primary School LA18 4AS  
3210 St James' CofE Infant and Nursery School CA28 7PZ  
3601 St James' CofE Junior School - Barrow LA14 1NY  
3211 St James' CofE Junior School - Whitehaven CA28 7HG  
4810 St Joseph's Catholic HS Bus & Enterprise College CA14 3EE  
3510 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Frizington CA26 3PX  
3654 St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School CA2 4JD  
3370 St Mark's CofE Primary School LA9 7QH  
2000 St Martin & St Mary CofE Primary School LA23 2DD  
3552 St Mary's Catholic Primary School - Ulverston LA12 0EA  
3519 St Mary's Catholic Primary School - Whitehaven CA28 9PG  
3414 St Mary's Catholic Primary School - Workington CA14 5LN  
3367 St Mary's CofE Primary School LA6 2DN  
3322 St Matthew's CofE School CA7 3NT  
3007 St Michael's CofE Primary School CA5 7LN  
3400 St Michael's CofE Primary School - Bothel CA7 2HN  
2143 St Michael's Nursery and Infant School CA14 2UY  
3355 St Oswald's CofE Primary School LA9 6QR  
2717 St Patrick's Catholic Primary - Cleator Moor CA25 5DG  
3416 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School - Workington CA14 2DW  
3359 St Patrick's CofE School LA8 0HH  
5204 St Paul's CofE Junior School LA14 4HF  
3606 St Pius X Catholic Primary School LA14 4AA  
3365 St Thomas's CofE Primary School LA9 5PP  
3319 Stainton CofE Primary School CA11 0ET  
2612 Stanwix School CA3 9DW  
3057 Staveley CofE Primary School LA8 9PH  
2059 Stoneraise School CA5 7AT  
3058 Storth CofE School LA7 7JA  
2319 Stramongate Primary School LA9 4BT  
2017 Tebay Primary School CA10 3XB  
3059 Temple Sowerby CofE Primary School CA10 1RZ  
2069 Thomlinson Junior School CA7 9PG  
2226 Thornhill Primary School CA22 2SJ  
3115 Threlkeld CofE Primary School CA12 4RX  
2060 Thursby Primary School CA5 6PN  
2227 Thwaites School LA18 5HP  
5402 Trinity School CA1 1JB  
4310 Ullswater Community College CA11 8NG  
4152 Ulverston Victoria High School LA12 0EB  
2711 Upperby Primary School CA2 4JT  
3661 Valley Primary School and Nursery CA28 8DA  
3064 Vicarage Park CofE Primary School LA9 5BP  
2513 Vickerstown School LA14 3XY  
2507 Victoria Academy - Barrow LA14 5NE  
2144 Victoria Infant School CA14 3XB  
2514 Victoria Infant and Nursery School LA14 5QN  
2146 Victoria Junior School - Workington CA14 2RE  
3516 Waberthwaite CofE School LA19 5YJ  
4003 Walney School LA14 3JT  
3023 Walton and Lees Hill CofE Primary School CA8 2BB  
3656 Warcop CofE Primary School CA16 6NX  
5202 Warwick Bridge Primary School CA4 8RE  
1103 West Cumbria Learning Centre CA14 4PJ  
6907 West Lakes Academy CA22 2DQ  
2720 Westfield Nursery and Primary School CA14 5BD  
4015 Whitehaven Academy, The CA28 8TY  
3324 Wiggonby CofE School CA7 0JR  
2070 Wigton Infant School CA7 9JR  
5412 William Howard School CA8 1AR  
4007 Workington Academy, The CA14 4EB  
3037 Wreay CofE Primary School CA4 0RL  
2018 Yanwath Primary School CA10 2LA  
2522 Yarlside Academy LA13 0LH  
2006 Yewdale School CA2 7SD