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Breaking Change Notice - Modes of Travel

As a response to customer requests, we will be making changes to Modes of Travel for Students.

Modes of Travel - SIMS

Stage #1

Stage #1 of this work is scheduled for Autumn 23 and should not break TIs.  This will make the set of lookups for mode of travel editable by schools rather than have a fixed set.  Mode of travel is not currently collected by the DfE.


Stage #2 - Breaking change

This will change the checked list box to mulit-select. This may not break every TI application that edits a student but in the case of a child being allocated more than one mode of travel, the field will contain <mode 1>,<mode 2> which will not exist as a member of the collection

  • <mode 1>
  • <mode 2>
  • <mode 3>
  • ...

There is also some planned work to prevent the creation of travel modes containing a comma (because it will break the load / unload code within SIMS itself and likely break any TI offering an edit for the field.

We hope to issue a beta with the stage #2 change included in Autumn 2023 to assist TIs.  Please advise Partner Support if this of interest to you.

Breaking change notification issued on 4/7/2023 with an intent to release in the Spring of 2024