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Pay 360 Education Payments has been retired

Third Party Product external to PPG (Updated 2/10/2023)

FAO: Cashless caterers

The service has now been withdrawn and assets are in the process of being decommissioned. All Pay 360 EP information will now be withdrawn from this websire. 

In agreement with Access Pay 360 and following our earlier advice, the Pay 360 Education Payments system ( formally known as SIMS Pay) will be retired on 1st August 2023, with all schools moving to alternative service providers.  

Schools impacted will need to make the appropriate changes to the catering systems, the details being different depending on the choice of payment provider made by each school.

It would be essential that catering systems complete any synchronisation at the end of term and before 1st August or at the date of switch to the new provider if that was sooner.  Schools will have 'read only' access to the application until September.

Attempts to access the APIs will get 403 Forbidden errors in advance of the full service shutdown. 

We believe that most schools have already made alternative arrangement for September and anticipate that many schools will be onboarding their new system over the summer holiday. 

Schools had access to view data (to resolve any issues post migration) but this will cease from 1/10/23 when the infrastructure behind the product will be decommissioned.