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Gender in SIMS - Important changes.

"The Gender field has been renamed to Sex in the Find Pupil/Student browser and Find Contacts browser, and in their respective Basic Details panels. Additionally, you can now select the pupil/student’s or contact’s chosen personal pronoun from the Pronoun(s) drop-down list. A suffix of the pupil/student's or contact's chosen pronoun is displayed in bold text at the top of their Student Details or Contact Details page."

SIMS Summer 22 release note.

Personal pronouns are not set by default and hence will require the school to set these if they are to be available to TI applications. 

From a TI Perspective how does this impact on APIs?

SIMS Internal APIs

These should be unchanged from a Gender perspective at the present time but would offer the new pronouns if set  / allow these to be set externally.

SIMS Reporting

New reports offer sex and gender and both return M or F.  The pronoun set is also available in reporting.Gender based report

SIMS Third Party APIs

Bespoke third party APIs do not support the additional data at the current time.

One Roster

IMS Global spec - no change.


No change

Future Changes 

The DfE are working on Gender requirements / Gender Identity and ESS anticipates further change to Gender in the short to medium term.  If TIs have influence in the debate with the DfE we would encourage you to feedback your views and aid the inclusion agenda.