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Supported Versions

Supported Versions



Application Latest version Release date Also Supported Next release / info
SIMS 7.208 Nov 22 7.206 Mar 23 (Feb 23 beta)
FMS 6.208 Nov 22 6.206 Mar 23 (Feb 23 beta)
dBAttach Jul 22 N/A  
dbUpgrade Aut 21 N/A Unchanged Apr 22
SIMS Finance       No current integration paths.
SIMS ID       Continuous Update
One Roster       Continuous Update
RAP API       Continuous Update

Updated 8/11/22

All supported FMS versions now support TLS 1.2 for eProcurement

.Net Framework

All products are now on .Net Framework 4.72 or higher. 

Supported versions

Typically we support the current and previous versions of SIMS and FMS. TIs should therefore expect to find the current, last but one and last but two versions in use.

If our support teams believe that upgrading to the latest version will address an issue then this would be our default solution.