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Restful APIS

Capita DEX API End Point Place Holder


The following data (subject to the agreement of the data controller) will be available for sites that are aligned with your product.

User information

  • Name

  • Groups/class/house/year

  • Age range eg <13 / >16

  • Unique ID

Site information

  • Name

  • DFE

  • Unique ID

For a complete list of available information please refer to the SWAGGER endpoint for the relevant API below

API endpoint

A Swagger documented API is available on the SIMS ID Partner Development Platform for Provisioning Integrators to develop against. A corresponding endpoint will be made available to Partners in the live environment.

Provisioning API Swagger endpoint

Swagger endpoint for the SIMS ID Provisioning API

This endpoint matches the available API calls in the live environment but is backed by the Dummy Data.