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DeX OData - Learner SEN

Currently available on SIMS 8 V3 but not on DeX OData

Example call



public class TLearnerSENProvisionType
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public Nullable<DateTime> StartDate;
        public Nullable<DateTime> EndDate;
        public string Comment;
        public List<TSENProvisionAttachment> Notes;
        public TSENProvisionTypeRef SENProvisionType;
    public class TSENAdviceAndAssessmentRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TSENGroupingAndSupportRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TSENCurriculumAndTeachingMethodRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TLearnerSENNeedTypeNote : TNotes { }
    public class TSENNeedTypeRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TSENProvisionAttachment : TNotes { }
    public class TSENProvisionTypeRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TLearnerSENStatus : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TSubject : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TLearnerMostAble
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public Nullable<DateTime> FromDate;
        public Nullable<DateTime> ToDate;
        public TSubject Subject;

    public class TLearnerSENNeedTypes
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public List<TLearnerSENNeedTypeNote> Notes;
        public TSENNeedTypeRef SENNeedType;
        public Nullable<DateTime> StartDate;
        public Nullable<DateTime> EndDate;
        public string Description;
        public Nullable<int> Rank;

    public class TLearnerSEN
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public string LearningStrategies;
        public TSENGroupingAndSupportRef SENGroupingAndSupport;
        public TSENCurriculumAndTeachingMethodRef SENCurriculumAndTeachingMethod;
        public TSENAdviceAndAssessmentRef SENAdviceAndAssessment;
        public List<TLearnerSENNeedTypes> SENNeeds;
        public List<TLearnerSENProvisionType> SENProvisions;
        public List<TLearnerSENStatus> SENStatuses;
        public List<TLearnerMostAble> MostAbleSubjects;
    #endregion Learner SEN

Sample Output

            "ExternalID": "853faa0a-3e85-4fbb-99cc-e3f0599acf59",
            "LearningStrategies": null,
            "SENGroupingAndSupport": null,
            "SENCurriculumAndTeachingMethod": null,
            "SENAdviceAndAssessment": null,
            "SENNeeds": [
                    "ExternalID": "e1d3cf19-3fc7-4d4b-9921-59c6e2fd3433",
                    "StartDate": "2004-09-01T00:00:00Z",
                    "EndDate": "2011-07-15T00:00:00Z",
                    "Description": null,
                    "Rank": 1,
                    "Notes": [
                            "Summary": null,
                            "Note": null,
                            "Confidential": false,
                            "Attachments": [],
                            "ExternalID": "e1d3cf19-3fc7-4d4b-9921-59c6e2fd3433"
                    "SENNeedType": {
                        "ExternalID": "840dc82b-b6de-4495-a6fb-c6348300125f",
                        "Type": "SEN.Lookup.SENNeedType"