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DeX OData - Learner Pupil Premium Awards

This API returns thepupil premium awards of a learner

Warning: Special category data

Example Call


See here for Stem URLs

NB: In most circumstances the expand for pupil premium awards will be essential.


#region PupilPremiumAwards
    public class TLearnerPupilPremiumAwards
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public List<TPupilPremiumAwards> PupilPremiumAwards;
    public class TPupilPremiumAwards
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public Nullable<DateTime> StartDate;
        public Nullable<DateTime> EndDate;
        public Nullable<Double> Amount;
        public Nullable<bool> DeprivationPupil;
        public Nullable<bool> LookedAfter;
        public Nullable<bool> EarlyYears;
        public Nullable<bool> FullTimeEquivalent;
        public Nullable<bool> AdoptedFromCare;
        public Nullable<bool> ServicePupil;
        public string LastFSM;


Example Output

    "@odata.context": "https://seli00apm01.azure-api.net/ssli01/Learner/v3/$metadata#LearnerPupilPremiumAwards",
    "value": [
            "ExternalID": "c50b00e9-25cf-48a0-a156-62ec7f2db07c",
            "PupilPremiumAwards": [
                    "ExternalID": "66cb03bc-6c52-43e7-8f47-629b97958616",
                    "StartDate": "2014-04-01T00:00:00Z",
                    "EndDate": "2015-03-31T00:00:00Z",
                    "Amount": null,
                    "DeprivationPupil": true,
                    "LookedAfter": null,
                    "EarlyYears": null,
                    "FullTimeEquivalent": true,
                    "AdoptedFromCare": null,
                    "ServicePupil": null,
                    "LastFSM": null