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One Roster / RAP - Start the journey

Start of the journey

One Roster is a standard from IMS Global and is partially implemented for SIMS 7 and SIMS 8. RAP is our own web extension. Technical Integrators (TIs)  can start their journey here.

This includes links to costs and service information.

Within the industry things change on a frequent basis, TIs need access to our latest guidance and other notifications that may have have missed:

Updates will apply to other products too... 

Keep Up To Date
Design Your Application

Consider how to design your application for the Web, the rules are different to those for 'on-premise' applications and may required an alternative approach for best results.

In principle, coding against web APIs is straight forward but it always helps to have an example application to follow, even if it isn't quite what is needed for your application

How to Code

The technical journey ends with documentation which is available in various formats with the intent of providing a variety of starting points to access the information that you need.


Freemium Sandboxes are available, these can be obtained by:

  • Filling in the request form (New Window)
  • Contacting partner.support@capita.co.uk  

Potential TIs will need to provide details about their company and why they need the service, as per the form.

This service has light weigh data and is provided on an 'as is' and without warranty basis.

Sandbox Available