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Integrate with the world's best MIS for Schools

Guidance is split in to topics with 'General Guidance' usually being the best place to start with overviews.  A Section call 'AOB' has been created to hold documentation which is not related to other material.

SIMS 7 - Integrator Updates

News and Updates regarding SIMS 7 for Integrators


SIMS 7 - General Advice

Integrations based on SIMS Business Objects, various articles of generic advice.


SIMS 7 Assessment Manager

Interfacing with SIMS 7 Assessment is one of the best ways to add value to a school's SIMS MIS data.


SIMS 7 - Command Reporter

Command reporter is the simplest and cheapest way for integrators to get data out of SIMS.


SIMS 7 - Attendance

Resources are given below.


SIMS 7 - Dinner Money

Dinner Money 7 was designed to make the lives of dinner money administrators as simple as possible as a consequence, presents challenges for integrators!


SIMS 7 - Timetabling

Schools, particularly in the 11 plus sector base their curriculum delivery on a period based time table. This section explains concepts and interfaces used in timetabling


SIMS 7 - AOB (Ad hoc documents)

If you can't find topics elsewhere then this would be the best place to look.


SIMS 7 - Student Interfaces

A collection of guidance documents for interfacing with student apis.


SIMS 7 - Partner APIs (Local)

Partner APIs are one of the easier ways to read and write data to SIMS 7 but the scope is more limited than our own internal APIs.


SIMS 7 - Backup Services

SIMS 7 & FMS 6 have need for local backup. This explains processes and accreditation


SIMS 7 - Change Tracking APIs

Some parts of SIMS 7 offer change tracking. Typically if partner data models resemble those of SIMS 7 then these work well, however if data models in partner applications merge SIMS 7 entities then the value of the APIs is often less simple to exploit. When used well, these APIs significantly reduce data exchange volumes between applications.


SIMS 7 - Photographs

Commonly integrators want to access student and staff photos for many reasons. Occasionally interest is expressed in updating photos. As a note of caution, photographs provided by school photographers usually remain the copyright of the photographer; we would recommend that integrators ensure that schools are asked to confirm that they have the rights to use photographs in the application(s) provided to comply with Copyright Laws.


R&A Import

This feature does require that the school has an R&A extended license.