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SIMS 8 - APIs - V3 - Throttling Policy

In order to protect our systems from denial of service attacks and ensure performance of our systems for all of our customers, our V3 APIs (similar to V1/V2) for SIMS Primary are protected by Microsoft Azure API Manager.


We have set a default throttle of 5 calls per second per technical integrator initially and will review this as and when we obtain feedback from technical integrators and/our our service technicians. If this or future rate limits are exceeded an error code 429 will be returned, for example:

ERROR: 429: { "statusCode": 429, "message": "Rate limit is exceeded. Try again in x seconds." }

It is essential that any web based application which makes API calls is coded to expect failure.  Retry policies for error 429 and various similar errors should consider an exponential delay-retry timings for example:

   First Fail:   Wait 2 seconds

   Second Fail: Wait 4 seconds

   ...        Doubling utill say the wait period is 1h 

After an hour there is either a long-planned outage in progress or something more fundamentally wrong.  Contact Partner.Support@Capita.co.uk for assistance.