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Attendance Information Domain Overview

Warning - Work in Progress

The Attendance information domain is used to obtain details of the current school and schools linked to the current school. The obvious example of this is rooms.  Each sub domain effectively requires a separate call.

Please ensure that all calls to this information domain are sensibly scoped and is fit for purpose.  For example, use change tracking if you need a complete picture or make use of real-time API calls for an individual when needed.

Attendance Record 

This sub domain contains details of attendances via the security domain Attendance. More detailed information is available along with sample output. Supports GET, POST and BATCH will follow.

Filter Warning - AttendableEventStart expects a date time as shown below:

  • $filter=AttendableEventStart eq 2014-02-13T13:00:00Z is acceptable,
  • However $filter=AttendableEventStart eq 2014-02-13 will generate an error.   


Sample Call:

Statutory Attendance Record Historys

This sub domain lists the history of changes for attendance records. It is a form of audit and may not be relevant to partners and hence is skipped here. (Formal documentation is available).  

Statutory Attendance Sessions

Technical Integrators will need to extract these to get the ID of an AM / PM session in order to be able to write a mark to SIMS. Click for an Example.

Sample Call:


Available Calls

<IncludedEndpoints domain="Attendance">
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="AttendanceRecords" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="AttendanceRecords({ExternalID})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="AttendanceRecords/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="StatutoryAttendanceRecordHistorys" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="StatutoryAttendanceRecordHistorys({ExternalID})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="StatutoryAttendanceRecordHistorys/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="StatutoryAttendanceSessions" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="StatutoryAttendanceSessions({ExternalID})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="v3" endpoint="StatutoryAttendanceSessions/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />
  <Action verb="POST" version="v3" endpoint="AttendanceRecords" />

Information Domains that are not currently available

  •  Information domain will be available shortly.