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Communications Log Domain Overview

The Communications Log information domain is used to record communications between the school and interested parties about a student.  Each sub domain effectively requires a separate call.

Logged Communication (New)

This domain contains details of communications via the security domain LoggedCommunications. More detailed information is available along with sample output. This is one of the most important additions to the API list because it provides the data needed for a Staff Browse in a single call.

Sample Call:

Sample Call:
<Stem>/CommunicationLog/V3/LoggedCommunications/ SIMS.Changes(startDate=@startDate)? @startDate=2019-07-01

Communications Lookups

This domain contains basic personal information and is accessed via the securty domain Staff.Personal.Basic. More detailed information is available along with sample output.

Sample Call: <Stem>/CommunicationLog/V3/CommunicationLookups


Available Calls

<Whitelist domain="CommunicationLog">
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="CommunicationLookups" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="CommunicationLookups(ExternalID={ExternalID},LookupType=SIMS.LookupType'{LookupType}')" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="CommunicationLookups/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="LoggedCommunications" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="LoggedCommunications({ExternalID})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="LoggedCommunications/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />

Data Formats

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;

namespace SIMS8Models
    public class TLoggedCommunication : TMailboxBase
        public Nullable<DateTime> CommunicationDateTime;
        public string Content;
        public TCommunicationImportanceEnum CommunicationImportance;
        public TCommunicationCategoryRef CommunicationCategory;
        public List<TCommunicationAssociationRef> Associations;
    public class TCommunicationImportanceEnum : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TCommunicationMethodRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TCommunicationCategoryRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TCommunicationSenderRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TCommunicationRecipientRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TCommunicationAssociationRef : TReferenceClass { }
    public class TCommunicationLookups : TLookups { }
    public abstract class TLookups
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public TResourceProviderRef ResourceProvider;
        public string Description;
        public string Code;
        public Nullable<int> DisplayOrder;
        public Nullable<bool> IsVisible;
        public string LookupType;
        public string ExternalCode;
    public abstract class TReferenceClass
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public string Type;
    public abstract class TMailboxBase
        public Guid ExternalID;
        public string Summary;
        public string Subject;
        public Nullable<Guid> Conversation;
        public Nullable<bool> IsEditable;
        public Nullable<Guid> ReplyTo;
        public TCommunicationMethodRef CommunicationMethod;
        public TCommunicationSenderRef Sender;
        public List<TCommunicationRecipientRef> Recipients;
        public List<TCommunicationAssociationRef> RelatesTo;