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Meal Management Information Domain Overview

Warning - Work in Progress

The  Meal Management information domain is used to obtain exchange meal management data with SIMS.  Each sub domain effectively requires a separate call.

Thoughts need to be given to ensuring that there is only one provider of meal information at a time and that any change of meal provider is appropriately managed.

Meal Lookups

This is provided to enable technical integrators to access lookup values within the information domain. An example can be found here.

Sample Call:

Meal Sessions

Meal sessions define when catering services are available.  An example can be found here.

Sample Call:

Meal Menu

Meal Menus are the set of available meal products available for purchase. An example is available here.

Sample Call:

Meal Orders

Meal orders are the selection of meal menu items.  An example can be found here.

Sample Call:

NB: Responses to any call may provide a paged return and a continuation URL.

 "@odata.nextLink": "https://.../MealManagement/V3/MealOrders?$skip=1000"

Available Calls

<Whitelist domain="MealManagement">
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealLookups" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealLookups(ExternalID={ExternalID},LookupType=SIMS.LookupType'{LookupType}')" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealLookups/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealMenus" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealMenus({ExternalID})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealMenus/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealOrders" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealOrders({ExternalID})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealOrders/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealSessions" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealSessions({ExternalID})" />
  <Action verb="GET" version="V3" endpoint="MealSessions/SIMS.Changes(startDate={startDate})" />

Information Domains that are not currently available

  • Write Information domain calls will be available shortly.