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SIMS Primary Standard APIs – V2.

This API is obsolete

Please use the new V3 APIs.

Standard APIs are available to all partners including those solely with access to a shared read-only 'sand box' (Freemium system).

Access to these APIs for development purposes are subject to the terms and conditions of use .

Version 2


Version 2 rolls up all of the changes over the past year. Please note that V2 calls may not be backwardly compatible, however the previous V1 release will be available for the next 6m. V2 is a baseline and may implement the same interface as V1 and allows us to formally manage change going forward.

In many cases, the URL call may only need the following change:

From: …/v1/...

To: …/v2/...

If this does not work, then please refer to the list of breaking changes.

Retirement of V1

Capita plans to retire V1 of our standard APIs on 1/9/2018. Whilst the calls may be available after that date, they may be withdrawn without notice.

Key Changes - Admissions

A decision has been made for the product whereby Applicants are 'Learners' rather than separate entities. As part of this, the admissions process has been moved to a new service whilst many of the details on an applicant are available via learner.

Swagger shows Admissions V1 but not V2 and a decision has been taken to set in train the publication of appropriate OData end points within the service when they are available.

Instrumentation shows that there has been a small number of calls to this area by partners at this time, so please advise if there is key data unavailable via V2 and we will seek to prioritise the publication to meet need.

How to identify an applicant


Would list



"ExternalID": "2cea37cb-dbb5-4ebb-b1f9-89770752c53b",

"Registration": {

"ExternalID": "2cea37cb-dbb5-4ebb-b1f9-89770752c53b",

"LearnerEnrolments": [


"ExternalID": "cccbad9a-b1fc-4572-93df-e0ecb2815435",

"DateOfAdmission": "2014-09-01T00:00:00Z",

"DateOfLeaving": null,

"MultipleLearnerEnrolmentStatus": [


"ExternalID": "40f8861b-b46d-4d73-be60-a8af295f1c26",

"StartDate": "2014-09-01T00:00:00Z",

"EndDate": null,

"EnrolmentStatus": {

"ExternalID": "39298d77-f181-4047-9ce1-a63f87c7ad1d "



Would List (amongst others)


"IsDeleted": false,

"ExternalID": "39298d77-f181-4047-9ce1-a63f87c7ad1d",

"Code": "F",

"Description": "Proposed Pupil",

"DisplayOrder": 5,

"IsVisible": false,

"IsGuest": false



Learners with a current application status of 'F' are applicants. Please note that an applicant can also be a current Learner.

Please note that SIMS Primary may assign Year Group and Primary Class memberships to applicants, regardless of whether they are accepted or not. Hence the existence of a 'current' Primary Class or 'current' year group does not indicate that a learner is on roll.

Key Changes - Learner Contacts

Learner contacts have moved information domains

Learner.ContactDetails is now LearnerContact.Details

Key Changes - Parameters for Change Tracking

Following updated guidance on the use of parameter within the URL the colon character is no longer supported to the left of the question mark. This only impacts change tracking calls.

[V1 would work]

[V2 would give an error]

[Would work for V1]

[and works for V2]

Breaking Changes

Please note that many of these have been pre-warned in with release 3.1


Change Type Data Model Name Information Domain Name Entity Name Property Name Comment
Removed Agent Agent.Detail Agent Person Error correction
Modified Assessment Assessment.Aspect Aspect AssessmentGradeset Name changed from ResultType to AssessmentGradeset
Modified Assessment Assessment.Aspect Aspect AssessmentMode Name changed from AssessmentMode to ResultType
Removed Assessment Assessment.Aspect Aspect CommentBank  
Removed Assessment Assessment.Aspect CommentBank    
Removed Learner Learner.Assessment LearnerAssessmentResultHistory AssessmentGrade  
Removed Learner Learner.Attendance Learner LearnerPartTimeRecords  
Removed Learner Learner.Attendance LearnerPartTimeRecord    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails Address LearnerContactAddresses  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails AddressType LearnerContactAddresses  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails EmailLocationType LearnerContactEmails  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails Gender    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails Language    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails Learner LearnerContactRelationships  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Addressee  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Forename  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Gender  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact HomeLanguage  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Honours  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact JobTitle  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact LearnerContactAddresses  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact LearnerContactEmails  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact LearnerContactNotes  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact LearnerContactRelationships  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact MiddleName  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Notes  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Occupation  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact ParentalBallot  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Person  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact PlaceOfWork  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Salutation  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Surname  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContact Title  
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContactAddress    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContactEmail    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContactNote    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContactRelationship    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails LearnerContactRelationshipType    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails Occupation    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails Person    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails School    
Removed Learner Learner.ContactDetails Title    
Removed Learner Learner.Exclusion ExclusionMeetingNote Attachments  
Removed Learner Learner.Registration AdmissionGroup    
Removed Learner Learner.Registration AdmissionTerm    
Removed Learner Learner.Registration Application    
Removed Learner Learner.Registration ApplicationStatus    
Removed Learner Learner.Registration ApplicationStatusLog    
Removed Learner Learner.Registration EnrolmentStatus Applications  
Removed Learner Learner.Registration Learner Applications  
Removed Learner Learner.Registration LearnerEnrolment Applications  
Removed Learner Learner.Registration ReferenceAcademicYear    
Removed Learner Learner.Registration School SchoolIntakes  
Removed Learner Learner.Registration SchoolIntake    
Removed Learner Learner.Registration YearGroup SchoolIntakes  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN EHCP    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN EHCPAssessmentOutcome    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN EHCPAssessmentRequestStatus    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN EHCPNote    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN EventParticipant    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN Learner EHCPs  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN Learner LearnerSENReviews  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN Learner SENStatement  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN LearnerPersonInvolved    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN LearnerSENReview    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENLearnerDocumentStatus SENReviewAttachment  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENLearnerDocumentStatus SENStatementAttachment  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENLearnerDocumentType SENReviewAttachment  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENLearnerDocumentType SENStatementAttachment  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENPeopleInvolvedRelationship    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENReviewAttachment    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENReviewParticipant    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENReviewStatus    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENReviewType    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENStatement    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENStatementAttachment    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENStatus LearnerSENReviews  
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENStatutoryAssessment    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN SENStatutoryStatement    
Removed Learner Learner.SEN Venue    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner AdmissionTerm    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ApplicationStatus    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ExclusionMeetingType    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ExclusionReason    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ExclusionStatus    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ExclusionStatusChangeReason    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ExclusionType    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner Location    
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ResourceProvider AdmissionTerms  
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ResourceProvider ApplicationStatuses  
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ResourceProvider ExclusionMeetingTypes  
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ResourceProvider ExclusionReasons  
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ResourceProvider ExclusionStatusChangeReasons  
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ResourceProvider ExclusionStatuses  
Removed Lookup Lookup.Learner ResourceProvider ExclusionTypes  
Removed School School.Group YearGroup PromoteToYearGroup  
Removed School School.NamedDateRange ReferenceAcademicYear DisplayOrder  
Removed School School.NamedDateRange ReferenceAcademicYear Name  
Modified School School.NamedDateRange ReferenceAcademicYear Name changed from NamedDateRangeSchoolYear to NamedDateRangeReferenceAcademicYear  
Removed School School.Room SchoolBlock    
Removed School School.Room SchoolRoom SchoolBlock  
Removed Staff Staff.ContactDetails ResourceProvider StaffContactRelationshipTypes  
Removed Staff Staff.ContactDetails StaffContactRelationshipType Code  
Removed Staff Staff.ContactDetails StaffContactRelationshipType Description  
Removed Staff Staff.ContactDetails StaffContactRelationshipType DisplayOrder  
Removed Staff Staff.ContactDetails StaffContactRelationshipType IsVisible  
Removed Staff Staff.ContactDetails StaffContactRelationshipType ResourceProvider  
Removed Staff Staff.Contractual SalaryAward    
Removed Staff Staff.Contractual SalaryRange SalaryAwards  
Removed Staff Staff.Service StaffServiceRecord ContinuousServiceStartDate  
Removed Staff Staff.Service StaffServiceRecord Destination  
Removed Staff Staff.Service StaffServiceRecord LocalAuthorityStartDate  
Removed Staff Staff.Service StaffServiceRecord NextEmployer  
Removed Staff Staff.Service StaffServiceRecord Notes  
Removed Staff Staff.Service StaffServiceRecord PreviousEmployer  
Removed Staff Staff.Service StaffServiceRecord StaffReasonForLeaving  



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