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Web - Getting Customers Ready for DeX

Web APIs are dependent on a data feed via SIMS Services Manager.  There are 2 currently relevant ones:

  • DeX
  • SIMS ID Basic

However, if a school is setting up for web data exchange, the DeX package should be installed.

Key Points for technical integrators (TIs):  

  • A valid TI contract must be in place before any live data can be accessed.
  • Once the DeX package is installed the data is available for use by any consumer authorised by the school.
  • There is no additional charge to the school for this facility.
  • Our installation instructions for schools can be found here.
  • DeX data exchange aims to be close to real time but the refresh frequency is determined by the school.
    • Expect Attendance to be quick ~ 5 mins
    • Expect photos to be slow ~ weekly (Tbc)
    • Other data will have a refresh rate between the two above (as set by the school)

Schools should contact their support unit if they require help with installation or any other issue.