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Web Access - Example Calls

Web Access - Example Calls

Web - OData - Learner Consents

Learner Consents

Web - OData - Learner Contacts

Basic identity information for a contact

Web - OData - LearnerContactDetails

Overview of Learner Contact Details

Web - OData - Learner Contact Contact Details

Overview of Contact Details for a learner contact (parent)

Web - OData - LearnerCulturals

Overview of Learner Culturals

Web - OData - Learner Dietary

Detailed view of learner dietarys

Web - OData - Learner Grants

Detailed view of learner grants

Web - OData - Learner Groups

Learner details based on a group and groups

Web - OData - Learner Lookups

Lookups for the learner info domain

Web - OData - Learner Identifiers

Learner Identifiers

Web - OData - Learner Personals

Overview of Learner Personals

Web - OneRoster - Teachers

Web - OneRoster - Teachers

Web - RAP - Learner Parent

Web - RAP - Learner Parent

Web - OData- Staff Personal Basics

Detailed view of staff personal basics

Web - OData- Staff Identifiers

Detailed view of staff browse data

Web - OData- Staff Personal Extendeds

Detailed view of staff personal extended information

Web - OData - Attendance Lookups

Includes attendance codes

Web - OData - Attendance Groups

Groups for Attendance

Web - OData - Attendance Records

Session Attendance Marks

Web - SIMS web-based integration RESOURCES

Related resources for Web - SIMS web-based integration

Web Access - Getting Started

Web Access to School's data


Web Access - Formal Documentation

Web Access - Formal Documentation


Web Access - Sample Code

Web Access - Sample Code