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Authorisation Endpoint

The authorisation endpoint can be used to request either access tokens or authorisation codes (implicit and authorisation code flow). You can use a web browser or a web view to start the process.

Supported Parameters

  • client_id (required) - identifier of the client
  • scope (required) - one or more registered scopes
  • redirect_uri (required) - this must exactly match one of the allowed redirect URIs for that client
  • response_type (required):
    • code requests an authorisation code
    • token requests an access token (only resource scopes are allowed)
    • id_token token requests an identity token and an access token (both resource and identity scopes are allowed)
  • response_mode (optional) - form_post sends the token response as a form post instead of a fragment encoded redirect
  • state (recommended) - our authorisation server will echo back the state value on the token response, this is for correlating request and response
  • nonce (required for identity tokens using implicit flow) - our authorisation server will echo back the nonce value in the identity token, this is for correlating the token to the request)
  • prompt (optional):
    • none no UI will be shown during the request. If this is not possible (e.g. because the user has to sign in or consent) an error is returned
    • login the login UI will be shown, even if the user is already signed-in and has a valid session
  • code_challenge (required when using proof keys) - sends the code challenge for proof key flows)
  • code_challenge_method (optional - defaults to plain when using proof keys):
    • plain indicates that the challenge is using plain text (not recommended)
    • S256 indicates the the challenge is hashed with SHA256
  • login_hint (optional) - can be used to pre-fill the username field on the login page
  • ui_locales (optional) - gives a hint about the desired display language of the login UI
  • max_age (optional) - if the user’s logon session exceeds the max age (in seconds), the login UI will be shown
  • acr_values (optional) - allows to pass additional authentication related information to the user service - there are also values with special meaning:
    • idp:name_of_idp bypasses the login screen and forwards the user directly to the selected external identity provider if configured for the client. For example, using idp:Microsoft for configured clients will forward the user directly to Microsoft Account for external authentication into SIMS ID.



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response_type=id_token token&

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