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Terms and Conditions - Use of ESS DeX and Cloud based Demo Systems

The aim of this document is to encourage users of SIMS Cloud APIs to use the services provided in a considerate manner so as to minimise their impact on other users of the system whilst obtaining the services they need and to detail potential remedial action by ESS Ltd to ensure a performant shared environment.

The ‘Applicant’ for services is either:

  1. An individual who is responsible for any service usage
  2. An individual who is registering for and on behalf of a corporate entity or public entity on their behalf and with the authority of the entity named.

ESS Ltd will provide:

  1. Non-exclusive read only system(s) for shared use
  2. Options for exclusive use instance of SIMS service(s).
  3. Access to various web portals which provide:
    • Keys and secrets for access to data within SIMS systems
    • Documentation for calls to obtain data from SIMS Systems
    • Other Documentation / Guidance.

To access the service(s) you confirm on behalf of you and your agents that you/they:

  • Accept responsibility for the security of all credentials provided to access this application.
  • Accept responsibility for all calls made to the service using credentials provided under this application.
  • Accept that that all calls are monitored and are attributable to the requestor.
  • Agree to ESS Ltd contacting them using the details provided with regard to the use of  and performance of the system
  • Understand this service is unsupported and unwarranted. The provision of any systems FOC does not constitute any entitlement to support beyond access to documentation made publically available. Options are provided for paid support services which are subject to formal support agreements.
  • Agree that any data entered in to demonstration systems will be compliant with relevant legislation i.e. it will be fictitious and will not be details of any real persons.
  • Understand that a further process is required prior to being able to access live data for schools. Access to development resources is not in itself a guarantee that access will be provided to live schools data.


ESS Ltd reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to the SIMS Cloud APIs if in ESS Ltd’s reasonable opinion:

  1. Use is likely to degrades services for other users of the development system
  2. Usage exceeds what can be reasonable deemed fair
  3. Attempts or appears to attempt to load test without prior agreement of ESS Ltd (Ask - partner.support@capita.co.uk)
  4. Any attempt is made to subvert or reverse engineer ESS Ltd’s systems, e.g. Denial of service attacks.
  5. Any breach of the terms and conditions has occurred.

Failure to adhere to terms and conditions of use may prevent the use of our cloud services by integrators. 

In case of dispute English Law applies and applicants accept the jurisdiction of English courts. ESS Ltd reserves all rights.

Contact details: Please email Partner.Management@Capita.co.uk or phone 01234-838080 and ask for the partner services manager.