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SIMS Primary Enhanced API - Conduct

This API is obsolete

Replacement V3 APIs will be available shortly.  If you need these APIs urgently then please contact partner.support@capita.co.uk .


We are delighted to provide the following update to partners with regard to SIMS Primary APIs for Conduct which is comprised of behaviour and achievement.

Access to these APIs for development purposes are subject to the terms and conditions of use.


Access to the APIs are only available for partners who have their own dedicated copies of SIMS Primary and the APIs described below can both read and write from/to the dedicated copy of SIMS.

Typically dedicated copies of SIMS Primary are provided under contract to SIMS Partners.


Please note that these events are typically managed at an individual level and handle volume requests a little differently to Attendance and Assessment. For example, responses are not paged.

Behaviour / Achievement

Behaviour and achievement calls





Typically write back calls will replay the same data format as the read call with the exception of the external Id should not be passed when a post is made.


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