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SIMS 8 / DeX - April 2021 API Refresh

Last updated: 13/04/2021

We are pleased to share our release plans for the near future:

SIMS 8 - Next release (April / May 2021)

  1. Staff (Read)
    • Staff Contact Details
    • Staff Transport
  2. School Events (Read)
    • Academic Years
    • Term Dates
    • School Holidays
    • Public Holidays 
  3. Conduct (Read)
    • Exclusions
    • Achievement 

SIMS 8 - In Development for release expected by the end of 2021: Q3

  1. Staff (Read)
    • Staff Dietary
    • Staff Relationships
  2. School Events (Read)
    • Exceptional Circumstances
    • School Event Lookups
  3. Conduct (Read)
    • Behaviour
  4. UDF (Read)
    • Learner
    • Staff
  5. Photo (Write)
    • Learner


What is it?

  • The same APIs as are available for SIMS 8 available for SIMS 7 and / or SIMS 8.
  • Coverage may vary between platforms, for example academic classes may be available in SIMS 7 before SIMS 8 (Current focus is primary for SIMS 8).
  • Lift and shift provided by SIMS Services Manager.
  • Different URL base (API Manager)
  • Different API Manager key

Release to TIs is planned for Q3 2021.  Further announcements will follow but any TI with a V3 application for SIMS 8 would have the starting point for a DeX integration assuming all of the required endpoints for their application are available for SIMS 7 and SIMS 8.