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All Student Reports - Request for feedback - Closes 10/5/23

Many of the reports used by TIs use the 'All Student' filter.  As part of a project to improve the performance of reporting more generally we are currently looking at the 'All Student' filter to see if and how we can improve performance.

One of the possibilities (no promises) would be a filter that is 'On roll or left within the past <n> days.  The thought being that 'All students' may be used to prevent a leaver from being included one day and not the next.  If the requirement included the Date of Leaving then using 'On roll' may lose data on pupils who leave at 'short' notice or whose date of leaving is entered retrospectively.  It is difficult to envisage that many TI applications would want leaver who have left years back but there may be use cases which needs this; in which case 'All students' might be what is actually needed.

These however are my guesses and I may be wrong :-)  It would be really helpful to get some emails from TI's which say why they need the all student report and if an 'On roll or left within n days' would better meet needs...

Please contact me with 'All Student Reports' in the title.