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IMS Global OneRoster

What is OneRoster?

OneRoster is a standard specification for securely sharing class and related data between a student information system (SIS) or management information system (MIS) and any other system, typically a content application or learning information system (LMS).

The OneRoster standard supports spreadsheet-style (CSV) export-import as well as direct system exchanges using REST API’s. Capita DeX provides a REST API for direct system exchanges of data.

The current standard is OneRoster 1.1, and is published by IMS Global. The full 1.1 spec can be read here - http://www.imsglobal.org/oneroster-v11-final-specification

How Does OneRoster Help?

A school can make their class and class membership data available via our OneRoster APIs. This allows a technical integrator to consume this data to use in their connected system.

It also allows the writing back of assessment results for students in a class, and these results are written back to the SIMS instance for the school.

Who's Data Can I Access?

A school has complete control over who can access their data via OneRoster, and we control this access through our OAuth 2.0 implementation. 

  1. An OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow client is issued to the technical integrator for a school
  2. This client is linked to a school
  3. This client is used to use OneRoster for that school, and this client cannot be used to access data from another school

We can also provide an OIDC option for accessing OneRoster APIs, using a hybrid flow client. This allows a user to sign in to your system and use an access token returned for the user during sign on to call the OneRoster APIs.

As there is client authentication AND user authentication, we can issue one set of client credentials to use in this scenario. Please remember there is still the restriction that the school must authorise you to access their data, and a single hybrid client cannot be used to access data for schools that have not authorised you to do so.

Capita DeX MS Global OneRoster compliant API

A Swagger documented API is available on the SIMS ID Partner Development Platform for Technical Integrators to develop against. A corresponding endpoint will be made available to Technical Integrators in the live environment, once they are ready to use the live system.

OneRoster API Swagger endpoint

Swagger endpoint for the SIMS ID IMS Global One Roster Provisioning API

This endpoint matches the available API calls in the live environment but is backed by the Dummy Data.



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