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FMS6 - General Advice

FMS6 - General Advice

FMS6 - Interfacing Options

FMS6 - eProcurement Overview

FMS6 - eProcurement Details

eGov 3.09 & BASDA 3.09

FMS6 - eProcurement WSDL

Available SOAP APIs

FMS6 - eProcurement - Sample Code

Interfacing using eGov/BASDA 3.09

FMS6 - Creating journals to record external payments

Recording funds received from other systems

FMS6 - Scanned Documents

Storage options for documents in FMS6

FMS6 - Budget Import API

Programtic post of budget in to FMS

FMS 6 - Automatic Reconcillation Guide

FMS Autorec

FMS 6 - Local - Journal Import

FMS 6 - Local - Journal Import


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