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Centralised Data exchange APIs

Integrating with Centralised Web APIs

IMS Global OneRoster

API Security and Access

Restful APIS

Capita DeX data exchange

Data Verification API

Access Tokens

Token Endpoint

Authorisation Endpoint

UserInfo Endpoint

Discovery Endpoint

Logout Endpoint

Token Revocation Endpoint

Access Token Validation Endpoint

Identity Token Validation Endpoint

Refresh Tokens

Dex - Sample C# Calls

An example of a simple app to invoke RAP and One Roster Calls

Capita DeX web-Based API RESOURCES

Related resources for Capita DeX web-Based API

Capita DeX data exchange

Integrating with Centralised Web APIs


Single Sign On - Using SIMS ID


ESS DeX - OneRoster - Example Calls

Interfacing with IMS Global OneRoster